You’ve heard lots about the importance of SEO

Here is a guide to improve your SEO from Neil Patel

Neil Patel is someone I follow and he gives lots of information about improving SEO. Here is a recent article and a link to suggestions on his website.

Don’t you hate it when you visit and website and you are presented with a bunch of inaccurate information?

Well, who doesn’t hate that?

That’s why Google released the Medic update in 2018… so they can showcase sites with expertise, authority, and trust much higher. Because they know reputable brands, and experts are less likely to present false information.

But how do you increase your “credibility” so Google sees you as an expert or authority?

Well, here is how.

Try any of those methods out… in long run, it should help you.

Cheers, Neil Patel

Patricia Dent

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