Did you know there was an award for over 50’s who have started a business?

2018 WISE 50 Over 50 Awards

Deadline to apply: June 30, 2018

50 over 50 Awards

The fastest growing segment of business start-ups in Canada continues to be over the age of 50. It’s time to recognize their accomplishments and let Canada know what they have to offer!

Are you over 50 years old? Have you started a business as an encore career prior to or after retirement? Or did you start the business you had always wanted and finally decided to take the leap? If you have, you will be interested in applying for a 50 over 50 Award.

The 2018 WISE 50 over 50 Award recognizes and celebrates hard-working, experienced Canadians who have started their business after the age of 50. Once again, we will be giving awards to 50 business owners who deserve recognition for their success. You can find out about each of the 2017 winners on the website.

Open to Canadian residents who started their business after turning 50, applications/nominations must be submitted by June 30. A group of the 2017, 50 over 50 Award winners, will be your judges. The awards will be presented in the Fall, 2018. Submissions will be accepted from founders of new businesses, purchasers of existing businesses and franchises, and initiators of family and intergenerational businesses – as long as the entrepreneur is a majority owner of the business and the head office is in Canada.

Information & the application form for the #50over50 awards can be found at www.50over50awards.ca

Critical Dates:

  • Applications/nominations must be submitted before June 30.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Open to Canadian residents who started their business after turning 50.

Contact Name: Wendy Mayhew Email: wendy@wise-seniorsinbusiness.com

Patricia Dent

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