Thank you to all who braved the storm to help us celebrate (and those who wanted to…)

Thank you everyone for helping us celebrate 16 years of Grow Vantage training. We’ve seen a number of changes over the years since Donna launched Group 1 in 2003, including Donna passing the torch to me on April 1st, 2013 (an auspicious day!).

In 2020 we’re expanding Grow Vantage to add online classes and a membership site to enable people to stay current with changes (especially in marketing, social and this year… HR standards to use just a few examples). We will be starting another Accountability Mastermind as well (start in the New Year). Stay tuned for more updates as you continue to grow your business.

It meant so much that you helped share our milestone (and not to mention the delicious birthday cake from Around My Gluten Free Table! (Thank you Laurie Rosinelli). Kudos also to Sinda Simpson who helped organize – then taught an Infomercials class… and Susie Parker who unveiled previously unknown bartending talents! And those who pitched in (thank you Daniela Chase and Janet Morozuk …food prep aficiandos; Bruce MacGillivray and Laurie Rosinelli…superior cake transporters) and of course Donna Douglas who distributed cake like a master!

To everyone who stayed for a refresher on Infomercials and Networking – we hope you enjoyed the class (and learned something new!)


Patricia Dent

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