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Hi everyone

I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of emails flying around about product launches this week. Well, this is different… because it’s completely free, with no opt-in required.

Jeff Walker just took down the “firewall” that was hiding his full-blown Launch Masterclass. It’s more than 12 hours of content, including downloads, Q&A, the “super secret” sessions… and even the infamous “Squirrel Cam” that had viewers raving (you’ve gotta watch to get it).

All 12+ hours of video are now on one page, and you don’t need to give your email to see them. Just go here to watch now:


I’ve been watching along and this training has incredibly high value. It’s innovative and thorough – and I hope you are getting a lot out of it. And it doesn’t even require an opt-in.

If you want to catch it – please watch right now, because the Launch Masterclass recordings won’t be up there for long:


P.S. I’m sure Jeff would love for you to buy his full-blown course, but these Launch Masterclass recordings are free – and they really show you how to structure your product or business launch.


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