Want help to grow your business? A Mastermind will help you grow in 2020

Why are Masterminds effective?

  • They generate ideas to move your business forward – for marketing, products or processes – wherever you need them

  • Focused attention in a hot seat during our monthly group meeting and a personal one to one meeting (in person or over Zoom)

  • Collaboration with colleagues and your business coach to help with challenges and ideas

  • Accountability for your plans while you gain support

  • Strengthen your business abilities

  • Analyze what is going on in your business

Don’t try to grow your business alone….

Book a 30 minute consultation to find out if a Mastermind is a fit for you!


For More information: https://www.growvantage.com/2020-mastermind-to-grow-your-business/


Patricia Dent

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