Grow Vantage feature: Congrats Brent Foster (GV45!)

Brent Foster (GV45), ex military, family guy and Pop-A-Lock business owner was recently featured in the Franchise Canada magazine. Great article for a great company!

Not only do they unlock houses or offices when keys are left inside, misplaced or broken; they also unlock vehicles. They have a PAL program that unlocks kids and pets from locked cars Рand they drop everything to do it. Across North America Pop-A-Lock has rescued hundreds of thousands of children and pets through this free community service.

Here is the article: https://franchisecanada.cfa.ca/the-first-year-pop-a-lock-security-professionals/

Drop me a message or email if you or one of your Grow Vantage colleagues are being recognized… we would like to recognize you too!


Patricia Dent

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