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Heads Up On Two Cool Black Friday Deals

Are you pivoting or starting a new business? Or maybe you just want to bring your knowledge up to date? (Have you noticed that things have changed?)

As a Grow Vantage grad... you can join our current program (with coaching sessions, almost double the classes from setup to exit that you had before – and that you can access in your own time and the community that helps one another?…. all for 75% off the 2024 pricing?

If you want to be notified of the deals before everyone else – and check out the deals before Black Friday….

email me at patricia@growvantage.com for early access.

That isn’t the only deal…

How about sections of a library of contracts at 30% off OR the full library of 60 contracts and training on using them for a special 20% off… (not to mention the ability to ask that lawyer questions!)

Have you ever asked a lawyer to design a contract for you? I have.

Before I knew about this service ….one contract cost me over $2,000.

Our legal instructor (a Canadian lawyer) is giving 30% off specialized groups of contracts OR I can give you access to a full library of legal contract templates all for the equivalent of half the price it cost me to have one single legal contract created for me….

This gives you peace of mind, makes sure you have covered all your bases (up to 60 different contracts depending on the package) and have access to legal expertise.

Details will appear on November 24th for everyone else…. email me at patricia@growvantage.com for early access or if you have any questions.

Patricia Dent

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