So…. What Have We Done This Year???

As business begins to wind down (later than usual this year, don’t you think?) I find myself thinking about 2018 and what it meant for me and Grow Vantage.

There are a lot of things to think about when you are looking back…just below there is an end of year exercise to help you take inventory of your 2018 accomplishments.

But first… a few thoughts that arose as I’ve looked back:

I’ve had a lot of discussions with Grow Vantagers (GVers for short) about how to banish distraction, stay on top of time, and go further (as quickly as possible). So I thought it would be a good subject to get into. Here are a few guidelines to think about:

  • Get a hold of your time. Grow Vantagers do an exercise that’s all about deciding what’s important (and whose “to do” it really is). We also want to get out ahead of what’s really important – so prioritize.
  • Create a structure and stick with it (for your day and your week): Day to day can slip through your fingers – so it’s also about structuring your time. I personally use a version of the Pomodoro technique for focusing my activities in mini work periods. I use lists to frame my day, time blocks to get work done, and I assign specific tasks to specific days.
  • Even so… my head can be turned by bright, shiny objects… so get a hold on discipline. GVers know that the way we process information is wired into our brains (courtesy of our Communications and Understanding Personalities classes)…but we also know we can be trained. Self training and discipline are really, really, really important. (I’m borrowing a phrase from my granddaughter… who is absolutely correct. Some things just are).
  • Horse blinders for humans? (Photo courtesy of Daniel at Pexels!) Anyone who has been around horse racing knows that some horses need blinders to focus their eyes on the track ahead and avoid being distracted by their peripheral vision. They can be affected by bright, shiny objects too! So someone has some up with headgear for people who want to stay undistracted…. (Check out a story that was published in October by the Boston Globe – link below). I don’t know if we need to go that far… but if someone has an idea for blinders on the inside of my head… please let me know.
  • Divide social from work: Being an entrepreneur can be lonely. And the truth is we need other people to hang out with, laugh with, get honest feedback from, and spark our imaginations. I have just made a decision to move my office home – for 3 reasons: to cut back on distractions, to qualify for growth funding for the future and to channel funds into digital marketing. Classes will still be held at Suite Success, and I’ll miss the day-to-day hallway chats, but I’m still committed to meet with you all… and this is getting serious about how I spend my time.

As you look back this year,  try an exercise our GV Mastermind did recently: “How did you do?” Leave a comment and let me know your ahas!

  • I rocked these things….
  • I stopped being afraid… (aka: I let go of….)
  • I learned these things (accompanied by… joy? pain? surprise? duh?)
  • I started these things…
  • I finished these things…
  • Now, what is still unfinished that you really want to get done? (This is the start of your story for 2019, apart from the new ideas that are out there waiting for you to embrace).

As you wind down, I also want to send you wishes for a wonderful holiday season (however you may celebrate it) from our our family to yours…


Patricia Dent

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