How are you starting off the new year?

There are a lot of podcasts and video messages out this week about end of year planning and looking forward to 2018. As I have been processing my own plans for the new year, I’m also reviewing my current list of gurus (those people I follow because I respect their wisdom).
Here are a few of my current favourites to share with you as we start off the year… and I look forward to sharing yours on January 4th at our first Alumni Lunch of the year (see below)!
Chris Brogan reminds us that we can’t have empty shelves when people want to buy from us (he was comparing some retail stores to Amazon at the time). He talks about a mandate for 2018:
The new year is upon us.And I don’t really mean just the calendar.The sun is coming up on an age where people will measure your ability to serve them based on three specific categories you’re definitely not tracking today: 
  • Velocity – how fast can you deliver what you sell?
  • Friction – how easy is it to do business with you?
  • Connectedness – can I communicate with you and/or other buyers?
How you answer all of this, how you build and align your efforts and interests to serve this will determine your success or failure in 2018.”
For several years, I have also followed Chris’ 3 words process at the beginning of January.He picks three words that will form a personal guidepost for what he will do in the coming year.They have to have meaning and there are some interesting rules around that (see the link to Chris’ blog below…).
Other advice?
John Reese advises us to create a “to do” list. John puts the tasks that will be achieved the fastest at the top of his list to avoid being slowed down by the involvement needed to complete one large task.That’s different from Brian Tracy’s advice: “Eat that Frog”(or even better:“If you have to eat two frogs eat the ugliest one first” (see link below).
Reese again:
  • Focused execution: Avoid being totally distracted by new ideas…. shiny objects to entrepreneurs. What about what you have in play already? John says that what already generates results should be your focus. Cut out the noise: that is distractions … Facebook, browsing, research, clutter…
  • And of course rewarding yourself… hmmm. What if you were to establish a reward system for working in a focused way, or taking the steps that will help you achieve your goal? I’m up for a bribe My favourite one, when I’ve finished something on my list is to grab a cup of coffee and read a chapter or two from my latest book for 15-30 minutes. That’s freedom to me. What about you?
  • Figure out how to be productive: I like the Pomodoro technique (modified a bit). What technique will you use?
Nandapani talks about the importance of focus and directing the energy you spend. Sad to say for a recovering multi-tasker, but multi-tasking doesn’t generate results.
Jeff Walker: One of my long term favourite authors and entrepreneurs (so much so that I’ve joined one of his masterminds to help me launch Grow Vantage online).In his latest message he suggests a planning framework that analyzes existing conditions, what your environment looks like, what’s coming down the pipe and what you want for your future… Are you analyzing your past year?
What do you believe about yourself? Success Magazine consistently features articles on being successful… including a Les Brown YouTube episode from October this year in which he encourages us to set goals in 3 major areas: personal goals; your financial freedom number; and your social contribution goals. He asks: What will be different because you showed up?
I believe in making aspirational goals. One of my past mentors – Natalie Sisson – encouraged us to develop BHAGs (Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals). After all if you only dare a little, even if you achieve your entire goal, you’ll only achieve a little. If you aspire to something BIG, chances are even if you don’t get there – you’ll have achieved a lot more.
So please join us Thursday – or leave a comment to let me know your goals for 2018!
And in case you are interested in reading or viewing the original posts, here are some links:
Btw are you curious about my three words? Go create your own words first… then let’s share.
What are the Alumni lunch details?
Date: Thursday January 4th, 2018
Where? Market Grill, 140 Mapleview Rd. W in Barrie
Time? 12 noon – 1:30 pm
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