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The Future of Work For Women (Trans and Cisgender) event Video

Attached is the video of presentation made by 8 speakers as an introduction to the collaborative effort to gain feedback from our participants.

A virtual Idea Exchange is a workshop to compile the experience and struggles of women in their working environments whether employees, self-employed or employers…). 500,000 women who are out of work as a result of the pandemic and 100,000 who are not even bothering to find work. Those who are working – whether as an employee, an employer or a business owner are facing huge economic, social, family and wellness issues. What can we do to make a difference?

We’d like to hear your experience and your ideas

Here is what happened:

  • First we heard the experience and observations of people in different fields (see the list of speakers below)
  • Then we teamed up in 3 breakout rooms to discuss and generate ideas to put forward as solutions, led by discussion leaders
  • To do: We will compile those ideas after the event and add them to the observations that others will make online. Then we will make them available.
  • Participants indicated they would like to continue the discussion – so stay tuned….

Here are the people who led the discussion

Patricia Dent

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