Grow Vantage has been a tremendous tool for my business to soar, not just with the networking and education pieces during the course itself, but more importantly, after the classroom portion is done, there is a multitude of networking opportunities to take advantage of! I moved to Barrie in 2000 and until commencing CRAZY BITCH BBQ SAUCE and Grow Vantage, I didn’t know a soul here. Now, I have tons of support and connections & I feel like I have always been here!

Cyndee Barrett
Crazy Bitch BBQ Sauce, GV 26

Grow Vantage was a Life Boat for me. I have been in business for 12 years and now am developing my own product the Executor’s Companion guide. It is so refreshing to learn how to set up things correctly and efficiently the FIRST time.

Kat Downey
Legacy Matters, GV19

Grow Vantage hooked me from the first night. Amazing energy, usable information, rewarding contacts, incredible networking.

Patsy Copus
Singles Canada, GV14

Organize, operate, grow, learn importance of networking, create relationships forever. Grow Vantage.

Mary Greenlees
Colour Something Creative, GV18

…best investment I could have made; best contacts and friends that I know.

Jennifer Minister
Canine Comforts, GV16

We were terrified to go out on our own. You gave us courage and help.

Trish & Dwayne Buck
Orillia Premier Truck & Trailer, GV11

As newcomers to Canada we needed to find out how to start, build and maintain a successful business. With Grow Vantage, we hit the bullseye!

Wilco Vercoelen
Dommel Valley Green Power, GV8