Mel & Anth

Melissa Vanden Heuvel
21 Trillium Trail, RR 4, Coldwater, Ontario, L0K 1E0

My husband and are on a mission to awakening people to their true healing potential by teaching them how to use their intuition and science to make appropriate diet and lifestyle choices, allowing them to experience optimal health and a life full of happiness and bliss.

Programs & Services offered:

  • Holistic Health + Intuitive Coaching
  • Functional Diagnostic Testing
  • Yoga – Hatha, Restorative, Pranayama, Mediation
  • Reiki treatments + Certifications
  • Holistic Health Workshops + Retreats

We offer a variety of health and wellness workshops and yoga out of our beautiful home based studio and retreat center in Horseshoe Valley.

If you are tired of chasing symptoms and not getting the health results you crave and deserve, we can help. Give us a call 705.835.3184 or visit our website to book your complimentary Health Strategy Session.

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